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Become a member: Ventitre01 card makes your life easier!

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Ventitre01 gives to the new members a great opportunity: a single card for all the access to the main location offering entertainment and culture in Italy.




Special promotions and discounts on tickets prices for the entire season in the major Italian theaters and exhibition venues, still increasing on our LIST of affiliated partners, always available online on this website.

Real-time updates about events, shows, special opportunities for Ventitre01 card owners.

Are you planning a vacation or simply searching for a special night out?

Get your card and browse the pages for booking your tickets at the best conditions available.

Take the chance!

Ventitre01 associates enter the most famous performative art locations with special offers, and experience art and culture taking the fast lane!

How does it work:

Sign for becoming a member of Association Ventitre01.

You will receive your 23.01 card and the list of the affiliates partners.

You'll find out what the single location is offering any time you need.

You will be informed about special events and promotions for the members through our newsletter.

Have a look at the list of the venues and check the advantages available for you..

Choose the shows or the events that interest you and contact directly the promotion offices to book your tickets. You can follow the instructions on the page of each location.

Log in!

Ventitre01 members have a guaranteed and immediate access to all the promotions we found for them in the world of art, culture and entertainment.

As a member of Ventitre01 you have also:

- a discount of 10% on the original artworks we promote and of 20% off on our limited edition series;
- a copy of our paper catalogs for free

And if you're an artist ...

- use your discount of 20% for your invitations; catalogs; critical contents, press releases; graphics support for tickets and postcards, web design; organization of exhibitions and events; participation in competitions created by the association; assistance for the selling of your artworks.

...or a promoter:

- you can get a discount of 20% on the organization of the events, exhibitions, and promotional services.

- you can request an ad space on our website, our newsletter and catalogs, for promoting your initiatives
and events

Don’t miss the opportunity: become a member and enjoy the 2015-2016 season with us!

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