Artworks Selection 2016

  Call for Artists - 2016 collection

The ultimate deadline to complete the submission is postponed to January 1st, 00.00 (GMT+1)

Great news about this third edition of the prize:

This year we decided to offer 1000,00 € to the author of the first selected artwork chosen among the ones belonging to all the five categories, and free promotional features for all the 10 finalists, as we did during the past editions.


1st: 1000,00 € prize; inclusion in the on line and paper Ventitre01 catalogs, free promotion and participation in our events and art shows;

From 2nd to 10th: inclusion in the on line and paper Ventitre01 catalogs, free promotion and participation in our events and art shows.

The Call is open to all the Italian and foreign artists from all over the world who are 18 at the time of the publication of this Regulation.

We are searching for works of painting, drawing, graphic design, computer graphics, photography to publish them in our catalogs and promote the selected artworks by our initiatives and exhibition events, the originals as well the limited edition certified copies we produce.

Why participating?

We offer a sustainment of 1000,00 €, visibility, presence, and real promotional opportunities: a multiple access to the market.

What happens if you will be selected?

The 10 selected artists are going to get the following opportunities:

Publication of the selected artworks on our website, where they will be exhibited, promoted and made available for selling, both the originals and the limited edition certified copies we produce;

Publication on Ventitre01 catalogs, printed and distributed by the brand;

Selected artists’ interviews and insights on Ventitre01 website;

Possibility to include new works by the Ventitre01 Studio series, our new line specifically created for interior design;

…what we offer:

360° promotion, real on line presence, 60% on the sale of the originals and 30% on the sale of the limited edition copies, 2 copies of each paper catalog we are going to publish, with no expenses for the selected artists, that remain on our collections even after the next editions, year after year.

How is it possible?

We are a brand, but also an association. Our goal is to create a real market, and this aim means working on personal artistic growth respecting each one’s path and inspiration. The artists are not and should not be the target of the art promoters, because they are the makers. We want to reach all the people that are interested in art, or simply desire to treasure art in their life. And, of course, we want the artists to catch opportunities even beside the traditional ways, locations and spots.

What about the entry fee?

Participating to the selection include the payment of a fee of 15 EUR  to submit up to 5 artworks (that could be all selected for the catalog).

How can I submit my artworks?

To subscribe to the selection you need to fill out the submission form in all its parts and send it with the privacy policy document, both signed, at the e-mail account  Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. , together with the images of the artworks you want to propose.

Registration fee

The payment of € 15 can be made by:

Bank transfer to VENTITREZEROUNO, Via Antonio Serra 84 00191 Rome, using the following code IBAN: IT 12I0103003251000008231307



Participation will be considered effective at the time of the payment and confirmed via e-mail to each participant.

Deadline: December 20th, 2015

The participating artist is the guarantor of the originality of the submitted material and of the accuracy of the informations she/he will provide. The outcome of the selection is to be considered final and unappealable. The selected artists have the right to refuse the inclusion in 2015 Ventitre01 catalog without asking Ventitre01 any form of compensation. Each candidate gives Ventitre01 the copyrights for reproducing the images of the artworks and archiving the biographical and personal data that are required for participating to the selection. Each applicant expressly authorizes the Association Ventitre01 to process personal data transmitted pursuant to Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code), also for inclusion in databases operated by the Association. Participation implies the knowledge and acceptance of these rules.

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